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Why Join Our Public Speaking Club

At our Speakers Club, you’ll have the chance to practise your public speaking in a structured but supportive and friendly environment. And as you learn new skills and your ability improves, so will your confidence. You’ll always receive constructive feedback and as you develop as a public speaker.

And if you’re really nervous at the thought of public speaking, don’t worry, we know what that’s like and we’re here to support you.

Public Speaking Club In Canterbury

  • Practice public speaking in a safe environment with expert evaluation and feedback

  • Overcome public speaking anxiety and improve your confidence

  • Prepare for live and virtual public speaking scenarios

  • Practice speaking for all sorts of requirements including: business presentations, weddings, social situations etc

  • Learn tips and skills to improve your speaking in a structured environment

  • Hear some fantastic speeches and meet new people

Reasons to join our Public Speaking Club:

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